Who We are

About us


Education Effect Africa is a Kenyan non-governmental organisation focused on providing children living in marginalised areas with high quality education in a conducive school environment. Education has a transformative effect that empowers people to take control of their lives and well being of their societies. Since our inception, we have been cooperating with educational institutions and communities in Mathare (Nairobi) as well as in rural areas of Central and Nyanza regions. We have been working to enhance education quality and sanitation at primary school level, to improve schools' infrastructure and to alleviate the digital divide by facilitating access to modern technologies.


Our mission and Vision

We, at EDUCATION EFFECT AFRICA, believe in a world where all boys and girls can pursue their right to high quality education. We seek to foster supportive school communities in an environment that protects students’ health and dignity.

We cooperate with disadvantaged communities living in marginalised areas of Kenya to:

  • Enhance teachers’ qualifications
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Nurture a safe and conducive learning environment
  • Increase access to education
  • Mitigate the digital divide
  • Promote effective management of educational institutions