What We Do

Our Programs

Education Effect Africa is working with disadvantaged communities living in informal settlements of Nairobi and rural areas of Central and Nyanza regions to provide all boys and girls with quality education in a safe school environment.

This is being achieved through four main programs:

Enhancing quality of education

We focus on sustained, intensive and quality teacher professional development. We employ a respectful approach to professional learning by offering new strategies and together with the teachers adapting them for and addressing their values within the particular context.

Innovation in education

Education Effect Africa is promoting active and experiential methods of teaching science. We are providing teachers and students from marginalised areas with modern sources of knowledge: Internet resources and educational software.

Bridging digital divide

Access to digital technologies and the ability to benefit from new information and communication tools are the prerequisites of contemporary education. Education Effect Africa is facilitating the launch of computer labs in marginalised areas of Kenya as well as offering the ICT trainings to teachers and students.

Water, sanitation and health

Meaningful teaching and learning is impossible without safe school environment. Education Effect Africa is providing primary schools with hygienic toilets and hand-washing facilities. Our trainers and facilitators assist the teachers in delivering effective health education classes to children in all grades of primary school.​